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With our partners we combine expertise at the intersection of Digital Strategy, AI, Cognitive Engineering to provide transformation and unparalleled user experience.

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Over the past five years, companies have invested billions to install the most talented data scientists. But despite the successes, many companies are not getting the value they could get from data science. To achieve tangible results with data science, organizations must not only have the right models but also solve the right problems. We have developed a structure process using cognitive engineering which reduces the modeling time from six months to one month and ensures that the right problems are solved.

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The decision-making process is more complex than it seems. For a mortgage, the decision time is approximately two minutes while the verification time is 18 minutes. Thanks to cognitive analysis, we were able to configure “business banker” to provide full automation including self-service on mobile and the Web and full integration with the main decision engine and the credit application process.

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Financial institutions widely recognize that their loan creation process has broken down. Cognitive Group was selected to review the Royal Bank of Canada’s process for several years. Based on the work of RBC, Cognitive obtain investment to develop a complete end-to-end loan origination solution called “Business Banker”. Instead of requiring six systems and hundreds of steps, our solution boils down to one system built from ground up that cuts steps by 90% and the turnaround time by 50%. Business Banker is now used in seven banks and is growing rapidly.

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The biggest challenge in the banking industry is figuring out how to lend money to small businesses effectively. In Africa, 80% of the population does not have a bank account. Small businesses do not have financial statements. We carried out an in-depth analysis of the cognitive tasks of expert micro-lenders in Guinea and Senegal. Using the “Business Banker” solution, we have developed a simple way to generate quantitative financial information from the qualitative assessment of a company. The solution is now in place in Guinea and Senegal. It transforms the credit industry by enabling entrepreneurs to realize their dreams.

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