Change management

  • People won’t agree with a solution if they don’t agree with the problem.
  • Trying to bring change with the same people using the same processes is like hoping for rain in the desert.
  • How can you transform a business if you cannot solve currents problems?
  • Can you describe the three key problems of your business?

Software development

  • You can only model what you understand; since our understanding is limited, relying on models is like believing the earth is flat.
  • Developing a system without having a design first is like building a house with no plan.
  • How can you estimate effort of a project where the coming phase will specify the work to do?
  • Innovators are those that solve problems others have not yet identified.
  • Ask the right question, why bother asking users if they like to use a system. Do you like to use the gas pump when you are filling up your car?
  • How do you capture requirements in a meeting room when most tasks are performed automatically and unconsciously? Just try to describe all the steps when starting a car. Consequently design by committee (or workshop) is the sure path to failure.