People First. Humans are at the center of organizations.

Why? People are the driving force behind any business results. Even in the most automated processes your people need to design, supervise and maintain systems. Deep understanding of human behaviors allows translation of observations into insane business results like never before.

“ Put people first and results will follow. ”

Our Areas of Expertise

We have a unique ability to understand the sophisticated though processes underlying peoples' work, and translate these findings in practical and effective solutions.

Cognitive group is unique in combining both:
Business Strategy and Cognitive Engineering.

Schema Business Consulting and Cognitive Engineering

Banking Practice

Simplify commercial and retail lending, mortgage operation, risk management, back office, online banking. We help increase capabilities and we simplify process to an unprecedented level. We are proud to serve the leading financial institutions.

Process Simplification

The essence of any operation is people. That’s why we believe looking at the human factors. You achieve unprecedented process simplification. Solution are practical and actionable because they are based on observations of real people in real situations instead of theoretical solutions (best practices)!

Digital Experience

We help design mobile and online services. Solutions are easy to use because we base design on human factors and we test design with prototypes interactively all along with real users prior any development.

“Up until then, we didn’t have the right questions and we didn’t get the right information. The Human Factors approach to engineering filled a real void.”

André Gascon


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