Banking Practice

In 1996, we began helping leading financial institution such as RBC financial group and Desjardins launch online banking. We helped redesign the entire banking process including commercial lending, retail lending, mortgage, investment, back office operation, insurance.

From this experience we designed and built BusinessBANKER, a loan origination and adjudication software package that supports personal and commercial banking. We also developed the “Reseau” software package, which offer a new way of lending based on social computing.  This solution is currently implemented in emerging markets such as Senegal, Philippines, China.

We work with the leading financial institutions. We are now on the verge of transforming banking in Africa similarly to the way Google and Facebook change the world.

Our primary focus is on streamlining commercial lending and mortgage processes, resulting in productivity increases of over 50%. Our proficiency lies in Cognitive Engineering, coupled with a profound understanding of human behavior. We not only analyze error rates but also comprehend why errors occur and how to prevent them in the future.

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“Cognitive has a storing understanding of the financial services industry (and) a knack of putting thoughts and ideas into actual practical implementation and execution.”

Steven Crawford

RBC financial Group

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