Banking Practice

Loan Origination Implementation
Risk Modeling
Process Review
Digital Transformation
Online Banking
Back Office automation

AI and Data Science

Cognitive analysis
Problem identification
Data Specification
Data analysis
Feature Engineering
Data visualisation

digital experience

Product Strategy
User Research -Cognitive Analysis
Process Mapping
Action Plan
UX Design
User Testing
Front-End Devlopement
System Design


People First, people are at the centre of organizations
Even in the most automated processes, people design, supervise and maintain systems.
Our mission is to design solution that make people feel accomplish and productive

“Put people first and results will follow”

Cognitive Group has a unique ability to understand the sophisticated though processes underlying peoples’ work
through Cognitive Engineering, and translate these findings insane technology and processes.

Cognitive engineering integrates cognitive psychology to design and develop engineering systems to support the cognitive processes of users. It encompasses human computer interaction and contribute to the design of the whole system.

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