Digital Experience

We are the pioneer and the leader in Cognitive Engineering. We began our practice in 1995 doing human computer interaction consulting. In 2005, we expand our practice to cover all services and organizations. We help organizations ensure that user interfaces are useful and easy to use. With the advent of the Internet, mobile computing and new computing device, the pressure for simplicity is at its greatest. We have been working with premier companies in fields including  AMAZON, V1Jet, Air,  RIM,  Air Canada, RBC, BNC, etc.

It takes creativity to apply new technology.

Social computing and the current digital transformation turns old industries and business models upside down. We are helping company launch new social platform, transforming banking in Africa through social banking and peer to peer financing. We are proud and happy to contribute changing  and  transforming of the world

Not only we help clients answer question but go step first and help clients find the right questions. Designing useful solution goes not only for expertise in interactions ensign, product design or software engineering, We go a step further and helping designing new business models and prototyping them.

Everyone at Cognitive is a specialist and we’re masters of collaboration. We’re extremely concerned about helping you a sling the right question and answering them.

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