Cognitive Group’s user experience (UX) team regularly publishes a list of the ten most useful applications. Useful things save time, save energy, increases safety and provide better quality results.

  1. Google Search. Google is the ultimate gateway to the Internet. Google search engine provides all the world’s information at the tip of your finger.
  2. Coursea and iTunes University. Anyone, anywhere, can now attend classes with the best instructors in the world for free. The possibilities are endless.
  3. Apple App Store. Apple changed the world with the iPhone and the App Store. The Apple platform provides an almost infinite number of applications.
  4. Paper. designed the best user experience (UX), we have seen so far. The user interface is simply fantastic. It literally replaces paper.
  5. Google Map. The ultimate map system. It is an amazing feast of engineering.
  6. Kindle App. Kindle allows you to access the world library instantly anytime anywhere.
  7. Drop Box. Dropbox solves one of the biggest business problems today: the document management. The user interface is based on the folder approach. It is simple, familiar and effective.
  8. Microsoft Excel. Excel is a still major productivity tool. There is simply no business analysts not using excel today.
  9. YouTube. It gives access the biggest bank of video in the world. Possibilities are endless.
  10. Find Friends. It allows you to see people’s locations in real time.