Cognitive’s mission is to design AI systems that are practical and understandable. 

Current AI technologies, such as ChatGPT for openAI, offer benefits.  However, they can be unpredictable and opaque.  AI systems must be intuitive, efficient, transparent and based on cognitive work processes. 

The use of cognitive task analysis (CTA) in combination with AI allows the capture and understanding of how people think and work and the identification of the tasks and goals users wish to accomplish.  This approach ensures that design AI systems are tailored to user needs and that AI systems are practical, efficient, transparent and align seamlessly with the way people think, work and communicate.

Cognitive has a dynamic group of experts, researchers, engineers, and operational leaders who work together in a collaborative environment to bring solutions to life. They are from a wide range of backgrounds and possess a wealth of experience in various disciplines delivering practical and effective solutions on time and within budget.