Scaling design for a wide audience comprising expert and novice users standard

TAKE AWAY: The best way to ensure a scalable design is to design for experts before designing for novice users. By Francois Aubin  Topic: Scalability and User Experience   Users –whether experts or novices – use an application because they want to accomplish tasks. Experts want rapidity while novices want the ease of learning.  A major design problem is when the target user comprises experts and novices. What does scalability mean? In the area of information technology, scalability has two uses —- 1) From the computer engineer’s perspective,  scalability refers to a computer application or product (whether it is hardware or software) for optimized functioning when the size or its volume is being changed. 2) From the UX user experience ...

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The Cognitive Approach standard

Introduction IT projects tend to be executed in distinct phases. 1. determining the business needs, 2. setting system specifications for those needs, 3. programming and then 4. testing. The first two phases usually represent 50%[1] of a project’s cost. The traditional way of determining the business needs is to ask users or subject matter experts to express the needs verbally. Analysts then transcribe them and define the system requirements that will meet the needs. System requirement’s documents are finally reviewed and approved.

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Change Management : A Catch-22 standard

The catch-22 The levels at which impacts of change are major are not understood while the levels at which impacts are minor are easily understood. Why? Most managers believe people resist change because humans have a natural desire to keep the status quo. They believe that resistance to change is a defense mechanism caused by frustration and anxiety. With this diagnostic, executives belief that good change leadership comes with a strong message from the top, effective communication plan, mandatory training and sometimes, removing undesirable parties that are labeled as strong change resistant.

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