AI- Private Jet (V1Jet) standard

PROBLEM 25% of private jet flights are empty because they have to reposition the plane at the base. Available empty legs are posted on the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) website in the form of an unstructured email. Brokers have to spend a lot of time researching availability on the NBAA website and often miss out on opportunities as the best deal could happen later in the day. APPROACH Using AI with natural language processing, we analyzed the unstructured text in the emails to identify the factors that could be used to feed the recognition models. A recognition model was developed which allowed the content of an e-mail to be recognized with an accuracy of 99% and thus automatically detected ...

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AI (BNDE) standard

PROBLEM The challenge in the business loan arena is to prevent back-and-forth communication between the risk managers, account managers and the back office. The aim is to reduce the turnaround time.   APPROACH Over the past five years at BNDE, we accumulated data about back-and-forth communication between the loan applications and risk departments.  Instead of predicting the probability of default based on the risk models, we sought to predict the probability of back-and-forth communication between the risk and business departments. We implemented automatic data capture. We developed models that weight the factors according to their predictive value. A rule engine automatically detects a deficiency in credit preparation and notifies the sales representative. RESULTS The project is currently underway.  The model is ...

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