Why Data Science Projects Fail and How Cognitive Task Analysis Can Prevent It standard

Key causes of failures No good state of the end goal of a project. The desired outcome that is hoped to be achieved by completing the project.  Poor-quality data can lead to wrong conclusions and unreliable results due to lack of research, not properly assessing the data available. Lack of communication. Data science projects are complex and require collaboration between data scientists, engineers, and stakeholders. Results can lead to misunderstandings and incorrect assumptions being made.  Poor Modeling: If the wrong model is chosen or the model is not fine-tuned properly, the project may not yield the desired results.  How cognitive task analysis can ensure success of data sciences projects Identify what the problem project is intended to solve and create ...

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AI Projects and How They Work standard

Introduction In 2014, Geoffrey Hinton, Yoshua Bengio and others behind Google succeeded in combining neural networks, large quantities of data, and powerful computers to make breakthroughs in the field of AI.  AI or Artificial intelligence is the ability of machines to perform tasks commonly associated with intelligent humans. . In practice, AI is not one thing but a set of techniques that can automate tasks such as forecasting, recognizing images, recognizing speech, understanding text, detecting anomalies and other tasks previously reserved for human intelligence. In real life though, human work is complex. It combines multiple tasks at different levels. A medical doctor making a diagnosis will gather information using multiple senses and techniques. He may talk with the patient, touch ...

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