New Version of BusinessBANKER standard

Today, in traditional banks, the average decision time for business loans is between three and five weeks. In our opinion, these times will soon be obsolete and unacceptable. Major banks have embraced the digital lending revolution, which has reduced decision and approval times.   We are happy to announce the version 2 of  BusinessBANKER to help you: Reduce decision time to five minutes. Reduce payout time to less than 24 hours. Automate operations. Provide instant view of transaction pipelines and customer situation. Stay post for coming announcement.  

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Decision support system causes a tragedy at Quebec Directorate of Youth Protection standard

The extraordinary radio program Enquête and the excellent column “Software abuse” by Pierre Trudel published in the April 19, 2019 issue of Le Devoir, reveal shocking facts about a software application called the Practice Support System (PSS).  Thomas Audet, a 22-month-old child, died in June 2016. One month earlier, his case had been brought to the attention of the Quebec Directorate of Youth Protection (DYP). The Human Rights Commission report points to questionable decisions caused by software that delayed the assessment of the child’s youth protection case. The Support System software is mandatory for all youth protection cases. It generates one of three intervention codes: Immediately Within 24 hours Within two to three days “In the case of Thomas […], ...

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AI in Loan Adjudication standard

A doctor diagnosing, a mechanic repairing equipment, an army general deciding to send his force to combat all use the same model of human information processing. Gather information, evaluate and analyze information, make a decision, execute the action and obtain feedback. Humans have limited attention and judge information using the knowledge stored in their long-term memory. In a loan application, the role of the loan adjudicator is to decide whether or not the loan application will be accepted. To achieve this objective, the adjudicator verifies and analyzes the information to ensure that the loan application meets the criteria and standards of the financial institution. These criteria are established over the years of banking practices. Risk managers from across the organization ...

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Key Steps to Fight Procrastination standard

Summary: Procrastination consists of postponing key tasks to the last minute while doing pleasing task instead. By using the pleasing tasks to your advantage you can effectively fight procrastination.   We have a report to write, problems to solve, handy work to do. Instead of doing those key tasks, we do all sort of other things. We attend unnecessary meetings, browse the internet, talk with colleagues, accept other engagements and end up with last minute panic. This situation is widespread. It greatly impacts our performance and the quality of our deliverable. The enemies that make us procrastinate are those small pleasures that seduce us into postponing important tasks. The trick to fighting procrastination is to transform this enemy into our ...

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The Irony of Project Management standard

After a business review that included a field study and cognitive task analysis, it was found that the new software require three times more user action. The project manager reacted by saying the project scope is to make the transition, respect deadlines and budget. Meaning he does not want to change the plan. After reviewing  the findings again, they realized that the situation was even worst than they expected it. In the end, the client followed our recommendations because the facts were rock solid and we found a solution that would integrate existing technology already in use at the financial institution. Many IT (Information technology) projects are planned and scoped before need analysis or field study are done. Over the ...

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